Friday, May 27, 2016

Hey Ram - Kamaal Ki Movies (2000)

This is one kind of adventure only...!

Because, I never wrote about a movie of one of the finest actor in Indian Cinema...

I read in one of the blog am following..  Conversations Over Chai.. even though i read many many articles in this blog..what it amazed was how many movies the author of this blog watches and how effectively conveys the message / heart of the movie giving even minute details of the same..just a absolute hats off to this wonderful author and owner of the blog Conversations Over Chai!!!

Recent post was the review of the movie Hey Ram!.  16 years old movie under the  complete eclipse of Kamal Hassan.

I always  believed and loved Kamal Movies in three types.

1) Kamal Movies - earlier movies in his carrier beginning, where he was directors actor.  He followed bit by bit what his director wanted..and exactly portrayed the character on the screen.  In this era..Story, Acting, and his screen presence pulled the people to the theaters.

2) Kamaal Ki Movies - Here he literally started ruling the silver screen. He got wonderful scripts, amazing songs, extraordinary performances (Swathi Muthyam, Sagara Sangamam, Nayagan, Moonram Pirai / Sadma, Pushapaka Vimana and many more).  It created a kind of spectrum like Kamal movies will be kamaal ki movies.

3) Kamal ki Movies - Post Apoorva Sahodargal.. he started playing with the characters, costumes, appearance, the characterization. And he was almost dominating the screen completely for the entire length of the movie...a herculean efforts of which he carried the expectations and the performance on his broad shoulders to the 100% perfection.

Given a chance, i always like his Kamaal Ki Movies rather than the first and three era.

However, "Hey Ram" review in the blog pulled my  curiosity horse to the core..and it was suggested to watch Tamil Version with a subtitle.

I would say...I was not at all disappointed. Initially, when i saw the duration of the movie..i was worried, How do i last long the duration....but.....

The movie starts with a tribute, and the title card - Hey Ram with a complex image.  This gave me a message that..this movie is not a straight pot boiler of come and go movie. something is inside, let me watch it.  The marathon length 3.21 hours just hooked me to the movie.

His portrayal of Saket Ram in almost 4 different make over was really impressive.  This movie literally takes us to the 1940's era bit by bit. The tone of the photography, the costumes, the lighting, music everything perfectly in place.

The characters played by others, like Rani in a short spell creates the Vasundhara Das intelligent gal portrayal.

Along with Kamal, Rani, Vasundhara...the other character impresses was Atul Kulkarni.  Awesome.

Here, almost every scene Kamal presence is there, but he scores full marks when he realises Aparna - Rani is no more, and his silence and expressions in the last few scenes, when Amjad Ali Khan played by Shar Rukh Khan, was killed.

He shouldered enought responsibility as producer, Director, Script, Dialogue, his acting never suffered.  He just nose dives in to the character Saket Ram.

He makes us to believe that, yeah there was character in pre-independence era called Saket Ram, and he changed his stance as a hater of Gandhi and his principles to believer of him and his principles.

I didnt let my eye lid go down through out the length of the movie.

Three days i was in like a trance.. if i close my eyes, my body would be roaming in the streets of Calcutta with a gun in my hand.  Such was the creation and depiction of this period dram.

Hats off to Kamal and hats off to the author of the blog who made me to watch  this movie, which i refused to watch it since the movie hit the silver screen in the year 2000.

Do watch this movie in Tamil Version with a subtitle. For a change, this movie is not completely in Tamil, atleast 40% is english and Hindi.  The remaining 60% is in Tamil but it can followed easily by understanding the sequences.

A watchable movie and I can guarantee you that, it will make you to head towards the silent zone at least for 24 Hours.

Hey Ram!!!!...A movie to take us to the tower of silence.!!!


  1. Thanks for the shout out to my blog, Srikanth. I'm glad the movie didn't let you down after my glowing build up. :)

    1. Thank you are Baap of the movie reviews i had ever read (seen). The way you narrate the movie is more like Sanjaya giving a minute by minute event of Kurukshetra.

      Yeah this movie didnt disappoint me..but i was in a kind of trance at least for couple of days.

      This movie deserves a royal salute for his efforts to recreate the period.