Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gagana - Kushboo Starrer - Kannada Movie (1999)

I was, and is a die hard fan of Kushboo for the only reason being her innocent face.  I liked her in only three movies in Kannada.

The first being Gagana, opposite the ever smart Ananthnag,
The second being Hrudayageethe, opposite the stylist    Vishnuvardhan
The third being Abhijit, a dabba movie starring Eternal Police of Kannada movies Devaraj

Directed byDhorairaj Bhagavan
Produced byG.R. Krishnan
StarringAnant NagKushboo SundarLeelavathi
Music byRajan Nagendra,
Release date(s)1989

In the movie, Gagana, she plays a naughty gal with a gal next door image, there is no reason, why anyone crave for more in her acting skills, and a innocent face.

She is playful, she will make Srinath (His name in the movie is "Srikanth" hahahahah) run around bringing plenty of problems to him and to her mother.

The first half of the movie is hillarious and also, you will tend to appreciate and drool over her innocent acting, and facial expressions

The second half turns bit serious, she acted maturely in the second half, giving stiff competion to ever reliable Ananth Nag.

I observed and appreciated following notes.

  • The beautiful, the innocent acting by Kushboo through out the movie
  • Silent, but effective and intense Ananth.
  • The supportive role by Srinath, you will pity about him whenever Kushboo brings problems to him
  • Effortless direction by Dorai-Bhagavan, One of the best movies by them
Be playful, be innocent that depicts characterisation of Kushboo in first half
Be determined and run towards the target with equal intensity shows her acting in the second half.

P.S: I have a hardcopies of photo album dedicated to her, courtesy my life time buddy (Satish Kumar JM), whose family was in to movies, he gave me memorable snaps from Ranadheera, Shanthi Kranthi, Taaligagi....which am preserving even after close to 15 years.  A big salute to him.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rashomon (1950)

It is crime to write anything about this classic for the only reason that, even after 60+ years after it was released, still it throws more information each time than any other classic.  This writing a piece of information is like throwing some light on the ever glowing sun.  If we do, it will be a foolish act of me.  

When ever any topic on movies creeps up, people use to say, have you seen, Rashomon, everytime i used to stand like a new bride, turning face down, and making a drawing on the floor with the toes even wearing shoes.

So finally, i made up my mind to get a copy of it from my ever adorable friend cum guide.  His sincere advise to watch this classic was, close the room, put the ear plugs on, and don't let any moment of this movie slips out of your eyes nor ears.  After watching full length of the movie (1hrs. 24 Minutes), i realised how true his suggestion was.  A big salute to my adorable friend cum guide for giving a invaluable suggestion.

Am here will not write any of my regular review nor what i liked most and all. I salute the master craftsman Akira Kurosawa.  

1. A Simple tale, how effectively narrated.

2. The rainy shots had been handled, framed nicely.  If you watch with intensity, you will feel, you are drenching in the rain, and will be searching for the cover from the rain.

3. The actors never tried to act, instead you will realise they are the live characters though out the length of the movie.

4. The steady camera work in the forest sequences were simply makes your jaw drop.  use of technology sixty years back is absolutely mesmerises you.

5. The music constantly keeps you engaged in the movie, it will     not allow you to blink your eyes even once.

6. The human values it emotes nicely, how people interpretation,     perception can vary, you can witness in this movie which was made more than 50 years ago.  What a timeless wonder it is.

Am stopping hear with a big salute to the Ageless wonder Akira Kurosawa.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Super Movie by Upendra (2010)

The Movie is # G

Sheer entertainer..

The highlights
    Wonderful title card, After earlier movies of Ravi, this is the only movie where enough creativity had been given to the title card.  Please please please watch  the movie from the title card.

   Tight screenplay, people will not the leave the theatre during the entire stretch of the movie

   Brilliant dialogues by U….Upendra

    Technically super, as many reviews mentioned, in 2030 Bangalore is not shown with Metro, probably our corrupt politicians might have sold that as well, or due to poor quality work it might have collapsed

   The camera work by Ashok kashyap gets big round of applause

    Music by V Harikrishna shines in re-recording, bit disappoints in songs, when compared to Uppendra’s earlier movies (Tarle Nanmaga, Sssh, Om, A, Upendra, Swasthik), except kayi kayi Uppina kayi

    No unwanted scenes nor shots, which deviates from the mood of the movie

    As happened and happening in all his movies, climax holds the key, if you miss the climax, whole movie and its theme will not able to enter the brain.

    Actions sequences are well shot, the ability of Thriller manju had been aptly used, no strings, no graphics  and no crouching Tiger, Hideen Dragon nor matrix kind of fights.  It appeals to all

    This movie belongs to ice candy – Nayanatara, she is absolutely scene stealer, would like to watch the movie again for her brilliant portrayal of Indian woman, and also robust revenge taking gal.

Upendra walks away with the credit of directing a wonderful master craft, as he says in all movies, it is a two dimensional movie.  Only he can think and plot movies of this kind, a big salute to him and for his creative brain.

After watching the movie, It comes to my mind,  a volcano, when it erupts, it spits less, than what it holds.