Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Super Movie by Upendra (2010)

The Movie is # G

Sheer entertainer..

The highlights
    Wonderful title card, After earlier movies of Ravi, this is the only movie where enough creativity had been given to the title card.  Please please please watch  the movie from the title card.

   Tight screenplay, people will not the leave the theatre during the entire stretch of the movie

   Brilliant dialogues by U….Upendra

    Technically super, as many reviews mentioned, in 2030 Bangalore is not shown with Metro, probably our corrupt politicians might have sold that as well, or due to poor quality work it might have collapsed

   The camera work by Ashok kashyap gets big round of applause

    Music by V Harikrishna shines in re-recording, bit disappoints in songs, when compared to Uppendra’s earlier movies (Tarle Nanmaga, Sssh, Om, A, Upendra, Swasthik), except kayi kayi Uppina kayi

    No unwanted scenes nor shots, which deviates from the mood of the movie

    As happened and happening in all his movies, climax holds the key, if you miss the climax, whole movie and its theme will not able to enter the brain.

    Actions sequences are well shot, the ability of Thriller manju had been aptly used, no strings, no graphics  and no crouching Tiger, Hideen Dragon nor matrix kind of fights.  It appeals to all

    This movie belongs to ice candy – Nayanatara, she is absolutely scene stealer, would like to watch the movie again for her brilliant portrayal of Indian woman, and also robust revenge taking gal.

Upendra walks away with the credit of directing a wonderful master craft, as he says in all movies, it is a two dimensional movie.  Only he can think and plot movies of this kind, a big salute to him and for his creative brain.

After watching the movie, It comes to my mind,  a volcano, when it erupts, it spits less, than what it holds.   

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