Thursday, October 11, 2012

Redefined Alphabets in Indian Cinema - Big B - 70th Birthday!! (2012)

The man who reinvented the order of the alphabets..ABC.. 

he him self a corporate entity for the movie moguls of World in General and India In particular.  

He enthralled all of the movie buffs in his own way..It is unethical, inhuman or a shameful act to list of top ten movies of him.  Each and every movie is a gem in its own way.  Just to satisfy my ego, am listing out few of his best movies in my opinion which stands tall all the way.

1. Kaala Patthar
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The intensity filled eyes, very less and less dialogues  the scene where he catch holds of the knife with the sharp edge, and looks deep in the villain eyes..a seriously wonderful intensity filled performance of AB.

2. Anand
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The star about to explode, the serious acting, the dialogue delivery, no no star image..all this almost gave a head to head fight with Rajesh Khanna. 

3. Sharaabhi
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He is the one who almost redefined drunken act on the screen. and this movie has out and out sharabhi act through out the movie.  The dance sequence with Jayapradha where he keeps on banging that paayal with effective involvement and the interrupted singing in the same sequence just spectacular. The fight with sharabhi people a new kind.

4. Muqaddar ka Sikandar 
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Jugal bandhi song with Rekha is just awesome. The "tere bhi na bhi kya jeena.." song acting, and last fight all are too good.

5. Main azaad hoon
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No heroism, no image..a plain but powerful movie.  Worth watching many times.  Shabhana Azmi powerful performance, and Big B towering performance makes this as a gem. How the media are making fool of the public nicely portrayed in this movie.

6. Aankhen 
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You write a script..and AB with out any hassles he will get in to the skin.  Here playing a typical cranky role..what a performance from him.

7. Abhimaan
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How ego can destory the nice family, his brooding eyes, egoistic expression, the frustration everything comes in this great movie.

8. Bombay to Goa
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Ekdum raw inhibition, no star giri...

9. Agneepath
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There is no actor who can repeat his act of Vijay Deenanath there any?..a master piece performance from the master.

10. Namak Haraam
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Again friendship, frustration, revenge, sacrifice everything comes in a package in this movie.

There are other movies to which didn't appeared in the listed out movies ..Sholay, Deewaar, Laawaris, Don, Shaan, Zanjeer...and so many..But my personal best are listed above.

Few picks from his movies are

1. Comic timing in Chupke Chupke
2. Dialogues in Deewar
3. Towering performance in Kabhi Kabhi
4. Fire with Fire in Trishul
5. Famous mirror acting in Amar Akbar Anthony
6. Famous Pan dance in Don
7. Mere Angaane mein dance in Lawaris
8. Intensity role in Zanjeer
9. Action, Drama, Humor in Sholay
10. Super dance for Apni to jaise taise in Lawwaris and Pagha Namak Halaal

many more endless....

He is celebrating 70th Birthday..a milestone in its own way in the hindu tradition.  

The man who is stepping in to 70th year..but has a enthusiasm of a teenager.  

Common friends let us wish the Emperor of Indian Cinema's Magical Kingdom The Amitabh Bachhan..

a special birthday..

Happy Birthday to God of Indian Cinema....Amitabh Bachhan!!!