Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kamanabillu (1983)

Kamana Billu

This is one movie; don’t know how many times it had watched by me. When I ever I want to come out of the stiff challenges, I will play this movie only for few heart touching scenes. One for friendship values, another for sheer determination & will power to come out of the crisis with the potential.

The Movie was based on Ashwini’s Novel Mrugatrishna meaning Mirage, meaning running behind a desire which doesn’t exist. This movie was directed by Chi. Dattaraj, brother of greatest lyricist in Kannada Cini world Chi. Udayashankar.

The scene, where in Rajkumar was getting scolded by his father, played brilliantly by K S Ashwath for getting deviated from his responsibilities, by taking caring of his villagers instead of his own family. Rajkumar straightaway walks out of his house, and sits on top of a hillock which is fondly called by the villagers as Soori Gudda. Here the Rajkumar dives in to the character, when he expresses his inability to heed to the family requirement when it was mattered most, it trickles the heart beat by level one or two. The mannerisms, body languages, the expressive eyes, dialogue delivery stands apart.

This scene stands tall for two reasons,
· In this movie, mother character played by Shanthamma, who is living with the Rajkumar family as one of the family member even now, brilliantly convey the message to her son, how difficult her family situation is. And then his father narrates him what he is suppose to do.

This shows always parents wait for a chance to tell their miseries, when the chips were down, and also convey the message in a meaningful way to touch the heart, rather than hammering all the time, what their off-springs suppose to do.

· When Rajkumar is in blinds, how to bail his family out of the woods, there comes a character, played very well by the smart hero of the Indian cinema Ananth Nag, as his friend. Here he never tries to convince Rajkumar, instead he inspires him to venture in to a new arena, where he can excel.

This scene showcases friendship is all about unconditional love and affection. When someone is down with confidence, he needs only encouragement, inspiration to come out of the deep slumber.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bhoothayana maga Ayyu (1974)

Boothayyana Maga Ayyu
This is a classic based on Gorur Ramaswamy Ayyangar’s Short Story. This was produced by four producers; one of them was Kannada stalwart Rajkumar’s younger Brother Varadaraj. He was a instrumental person in Rajkumar’s ascend to stardom, by carefully selecting stories, dialogues which helped him to have a permanent lease of the heart of kannadigas for a lifetime.

This is the first kannada cinema shot 100% in outdoor location, without using studios sets. About 95% of this film had been picturised in Kalasapura. 

This movie is a classic in its own respect. Starring the emerging hero Vishnu as Gulla, The taylor made artist for Village background character Lokesh in Sambayya alias Ayyu, The terrorizing M P Shankar as Boothayya, Balanna as modern day Shakuni, Laugh riot character “Pickle” Lokanath and so many.

The scene which moves your tears from the eye ball to cheeks are the one where Vishnu, working in Lokesh’s house to pay back the courtesy extended to him, finds his friends looting Lokesh’s farm yields, promptly fights with his friends, and chase them away. Vishnu’s friends scold him saying that, Lokesh humiliated you in front of the villagers, and he is responsible for Vishnu’s father suicide, but still you are helping him by protecting his property. Vishnu coolly says, am in his mercy now, till the debt taken by him is cleared am his son, once it is cleared am the son of my father.

This eventually proves, if a person is good to us, even whether he or she is bad or good, if that person has enough trust on you, never betray him or her. This can be tweaked to adopt in our professional life as follows.    

  1. Work for your selves. This can lead you to the next milestone    
  2. Work for your manager, this may yield a better monetary gains for a short time.
  3. Work for the one who trust you, this will surely take your career to next stage, coz this not only helps your career graph, but also proves that you are invaluable and trustworthy confidence oozes in you.

Vishnu character in this movie follows the third option, which ultimately eliminates the rivalry between him and Lokesh, and both are happy at the end along with the villagers, which is a great message to be lived on.

Second one is one of the beautifully carved scene from the monolith rock of kannada cinenma. How can we make best of use of the resource in our hands. Four village dwellers returning to the village with a two rupees note in their hands, with empty stomach, and empty packet, decides to try their lynching hungry stomach, and enters an hotel. The rest of the story is a great epoch in the comedy arena. Watch it for yourself.
It shows, we should never get cornered by the problems, instead make sure problems should see the corner with grit and creativity.