Sunday, October 3, 2010

Padaiyappa (1999)


This is one of the movie, which made Rajni to expect more from his larger than life image by his fans.     A stunner from the director K S Ravikumar's table.

When the chips were down, this movie can elevate me a high on confidence.  A wonderful restrained performance from the icon of Indian cinema.    At the same time, he didn’t left even one stone unturned on his style, gimmicks dialogue delivery, but still he could able to pull the string of emotions from even non-rajni fans.  That is the high of this movie

And what I can say about Ramyakrishna, she breathed fire in this mega movie.  She matched scene to scene with the Diva of Indian crazy fans the style king Rajani.  The expression of  ego, possessiveness, anger, proud, style, dialogue delivery, robustness all put together in one package called the RAMYAKRISHNA.  It was never an easy task of standing tall against a tall giant.  But Ramyakrishna pulled that performance of her life like ony she can.

I lost of count of how many times I watched this movie in the last 7 days. 

There are many highs in this movie, one such electrifying scene is attached below.  Literally four people lit the screen virtually on fire.

Dialogue writer: K S Ravikumar (Director as well),
Breathtaking background music by A R Rahaman,
The bombshell Ramyakrishna,  and
Finally the god of style Rajni.

When their off-springs go on an unwinding path, normally parents get wild, but in this scene,
·         Rajni conveys a strong message to his daughter, When you love, you will forget parents, when are in love, you forget yourself, but don’t forget love after the marriage.  What a wonderfull statement. 
·         Then against his family, he goes to Ramyakrishna’s house (A Virtual rival), just for the sake of his children, by throwing his name, fame to the back burners.
·         Even when Ramyakrishna, humiliates him, by not giving the due respect, he makes his own.
·         When all the people humiliates him, he goes out of the house, with a head down, but still his master mind processing the next steps to evolve out of the problem.
·         This conveys a strong message, if the intention is right, take a wise steps, and be calm & bold.  The right attitude bails us out from the well of issues.

The finale


  1. Expecting one more on Rajini, You can nail Endhiran (The Robot) if you are interested in.
    I am planning for Next Week.

  2. For several reasons I love this movie.

    Script, narration, stitching the village with city and amazing Ramya Krishna.

    An Akhela Crane which can go to heights of 100 ft has been used at the climax marriage hall + his introduction to Heroin at village.

    Cinematography Cinematography S. Murthy & Prasad