Sunday, April 17, 2011

Main Azaad Hoon (1989)

I couldn't resist myself, when my friend-guide-guru, Vikramadithya mentioned above this movie, which I thought a mediocre movie on the lines of Toofan, Jaadugar, Ganga Jamuna Saraswathi, but he insisted me to watch this movie long back.  Somehow I was able to watch that movie on a sunday afternoon without disturbance, and  with ear plugs on.  

The opening scene itself made me to watch this movie with full concentration, i skipped lunch with out my knowledge, when I hung up the ear phone it was late in the evening, too late for the lunch, and tooooooo early for the dinner. But no regrets I had the feeling of watching one of the finest movie of Living God of Indian Cinema who changed the age old description of alphabets in English, From A for apple, B for Ball to, A for Amitabh, B for Bachhan.

The movie was an adaption of 1941 Frank Capra film, Meet John Doe.  But the beauty of this movie is, it is totally Indianised, and it will not let you off from the seat for the whole length of the movie.  The script is as solid as a rock, the dialogues were as punching as punch of Muhammed Ali, the background score is as impressive and sharp as Arjuna's Arrow, and all the character played as if it is their life time performance.  You will never feel, it is a drama enacted on the screen.
AB, had shed all his he-manic image, no unncessary song sequence, no scene which deviates mood of the movie, if a scene is missed, it is as good as missing a chapter in Mahabaratha.  His dialouges, his expression, his body languages are never seen in any of his movies, so special, and so intense.  His speech at the beginning, and the at the end of the movie, just trickles a droplet from the eyes.  
The only movie where i liked Shabhana Azmi, she is a fine actress no doubt, but always i voted for Smitha Patil, when the two beauties from the parallel cinema's were in competition to get the awards during their hey days. She breathes fires in the role of a journalist.  Her brooding eyes, mesmarising voice, dialogue delivery, the shrewdness all she brought in to the role of the journalist.

The path of resurrection always comes with a correction, just we need to turn around to correct the path of expression of freedom. No one in this world is correct, or wrong, it is the consciousness which can make us right or wrong, always hear the inner voice, that takes you to the freedom of e-motion. 

The Movie is special, and it offers a feeling which never scene or felt on indian cinema screen.


  1. कितने बाजु , कितने सर , सुनलो दुश्मन ध्यान से . (One of the shaking lines)
    - मैं आज़ाद हूँ
    और इस मूवी को 4 बार देख चूका हूँ .

  2. When people from different village come to AB's help.. the picturization is superb.
    Sunset and 100's of cart