Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (1990)

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (1990)

A royal salute to a man who showed even at the age of 80 plus age, the creative brain ticks and clicks like ever ticking clock.

This movie is about collection of small stories (Dreams) which highlight the greed, ambition, jealous, doing an act with out thinking consequences, curiosity, courage in the crisis, secured nature to safeguard nature all in one in package.

SUNSHINE THROUGH THE RAIN : Curiosity level shown by the kid is amazing.  Generating curiosity always takes a back step to the future.  This episode had been shot in amazing locales, breathtaking photography, choreography, superb background music all it keeps us on intoxicating high

Our presence in the plot makes us guilty, whether we are part of it or out of it.  The boy crying scene to show his innocence is beautifully captured.

Fortunes favours the brave.  Want to hit a target, do it honestly, help and way will be in your way all the time.  The settings, the snow fall, the wind, the background music breathtaking.

The greed to own a thing, and pushing innocents for the selfish, always haunts forever.  Wonderful picturisation through a barking dog.  Superb depiction.

The nature exploitation by polluting the atmosphere brings doom all the way. 

Continuous harassment of nature, by putting a safe mask all the way in their  greedy deeds, how it can bring curtains down to the mother nature, the minute details shown in symbolic way is worth watching.

The demon is all about our feelings, and our thinking and inking against the nature of law to help each other, and also how selfish act can bring to nature on the edge of the slide shown merciless in this episode, where stronger will kill the weakest and try to survive. The final dialogue by demon “do you want to become a demon, too?” puts a big question infront of us.

The most heartening episode, where value, nurturing, caring, love, happiness if we show in our life and neighborhood, and if we care our mother earth, how life will be beautiful.  This episode is perfect icing on human attitude, what he is suppose to do to avoid all the ill nature he has shown in the rest of the episodes.  A perfect lesson learning is lying in the last episode.  A master craft from a master craftsman.

We may dream thousands of things, but the ultimate aim is to 

keep our soul, our nature, our atmosphere happy and healthy.  I 

Understood these things from this master piece

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  1. This was the first movie of Akira Kurosawa that I saw. I was attracted to the movie by the name and the poster which you have put up here. That's all. I didn't know anything more. I just wanted to watch it, so did. It turned out to be an experience of a lifetime distilled into one movie filtered into 2 hours 30 mins. After all those years, I felt here is this movie maker whose thoughts are closest to mine. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". You have given a good write up by writing this review. Keep rocking!