Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bangaradha Manushya (1972)

The first in the list features evergreen movie in Kannada movie land “Bangarada Manushya”.  It ran successfully for two years with out a break, a record in Kannada cini industry.  The re-release after a gap of 20 years also ran in to 100 days.

Part I
It was based on a novel by T K Ramarao, directed by Siddalingaiah, Starring Rajkumar, Bharathi, Balakrishna, Vajramuni in the leads.

Rajkumar returns from the city to visit his Sister’s house in the village, he comes to know his brother in law finished duty on the earth, and is on the way to heavenly abode. The moment his sister (played beautifully by Character Artist “Aadhavani Lakshmidevi”), and her children (Two sons played by Srinath, and Vajramuni), and a daughter sees Rajkumar they ran and hug him.  They all knew, he is the one who can bail them out. 

In this scene, she will be having a rich elder Brother (Lokanath), but still her hearts beats for the younger brother who was still studying, but she will have more faith on her younger brother(Rajkumar) than  on elder brother. 

This shows money is not the criteria for love and affection, always the relationship is between heart to heart, but not from wallet to heart.

Part II

When Rajkumar, retrieves the land from the mortgage, he decides to plough on his own.  After the basic rituals, instead of starting to plough, he gently massages the bulls, and then he lifts soil from the land, and prays to the goddess earth to support his noble gesture to save his sister’s family from the troubled waters.

You will fail to choose the winner who is the most innocent, the bulls, the earth, or the Hero.  It brings tears down the cheeks any time I visit this scene.

This teaches, never neglect the hands which lend you the support in the crisis, and also, never forget to seek the divine intervention, which helps you to clear all the path strewn with thorns.

The character of Rajeeva played by Rajkumar was a gem in its own respect.  Sometimes after reading the novel, and watching the movie, you will tempted to debate whether novel was written by keeping Rajkumar in the mind, or Rajkumar was born to portray the character of Rajeeva.  It is like debating whether egg came first or the hen.


  1. whether you know the language or not, whether you can follow the story or not, if you engage from the beginning, the movie will transport you to a world that is your own and you will live it fully...that's the power of this movie. Absolutely wonderful writeup. I really feel this is soulful writing.

  2. Kanta.... I like your motto ... i like it..

    I should say ... i salute to your English vocabulary ...
    "Always the relationship is between heart to heart, but not from wallet to heart"....QUOTE from Srikanth Manjunath