Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dev evergreen Anand 1923 - 2011

Three movies of Dev Saab stands tall in my favorite list.

The first suspense thriller of that kind "JEWEL THIEF"
The suspense thriller which kept guessing till last, had a great music, excellent dialogues, super choreography, and above all stylish Dev, and villain role played by Ashok Kumar.

The scene where the Dev's double will get revealed just sends the chill down the spine.

Hoto me aisi baath dance by Vyjanthimala anyway steals the show, but Dev looks awesome in those costume, and his mannerism of head shaking, and playing the doll mesmarises.

"Once upon a time there was a Jewel Thief" the final dialogue still echos in my ears. 


The Teen patte khel between Dev, and the Shatrugnah Sinha is just awesome. 

The court scene where Dev argues, and proves his innocence, I haven't seen so far in any movies.  The court scene very neatly, and cleverly shot in the climax.

Jeevan as villain steals the show, but Dev maintain his stature in this action thriller.  When he is in resurrection mode, he steals the money from the Temple Hundi, and a old lady sees this, and drops all the coins, and finally one coin tucked to his trousers when he was thinking what the stupidity he did to steal the money, and when he find the coin he says "Kya mein samjoo..too ne muje maaf kiya bhagavaan"

The songs were lilting at its best. Dil Aaj shayar hei..just makes you walk in your dream.  The lyrics, the music, and wonderful singing by Kishore takes you to different world altogether.

The final dialogue "Kya aapko mein bhabhi bula saktha hoon" by Dev's brother role keep your grin on your cheek.

Johny Mera Naam

Superb Screen play, wonderful acting by all the crew make this action thriller its own kind.  Dev police officer disguised as rouge, thief is simply awesome.

He could able to match steps with the dream girl Hema Malini, and for lilting music, and lyrics.  His fights, mannerisms, the tweaky smile all makes this movie an ever green.  

Every one played their part beautifully in this movie, Pran, Jeevan, Prem Naath, Johar to name few.

His dialogue wielding pistol in his hand, with little bent body, and uttering those words in high decibel "Naam yaad rakhna Johny mera naam" is unmatched down the years.

He had etched his name permanently in the hearts of cinema goers of all generation.  Many duplicates simply made a tamasha of him, but nevertheless he will be untouched.  

He will live for ever in the hearts of millions of cinema crazy people.

Hatts off Dev Saab for your marathon innings in which you mesmarised billions of people around the globe.

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